Meld je aan voor de SuperOffice CRM Tour - Change op 5 oktober in Eindhoven! 
Met de inspirerende sprekers Maarten van der Weijden en Jan van Setten.

Meld je aan voor de SuperOffice CRM Tour - Change - 5 oktober - Eindhoven!
Met de inspirerende sprekers Jan van Setten en Maarten van der Weijden.

Expander Services

Supplement Order Form & Terms of Service

This Supplement Order Form will be published later.

These Product specific Terms of Service is under construction and will, when available, be communicated to Customers having an active subscription to this service.

The use of Expander Services is currently governed by the CRM Online Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) and Data Processing Agreements (DPA) between SuperOffice and Customer.

This Agreement defines the Terms of Service for the use of SuperOffice Expander Services (Expander Services). Expander Services enable integrations between SuperOffice CRM Online (The Service) and external applications and/or internet-based services.