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SuperOffice CRM Online subscription price plan

Available for new and existing customers. Prices in EUR. All prices are based on annual billing.

This price list is effective from October 16, 2020

SuperOffice CRM user plans

Plan Description Price user/month
Standard CRM user plan Contacts, Calendar, Email, Mobile CRM, Segmentation, Reporting, Document Management, Project Management and Mailings. 46,00
Sales user plan Includes Standard CRM feature set plus Forecasting, Pipeline management and Quote Management. 57,50
Marketing user plan Includes Standard CRM feature set plus Marketing Campaign management, Campaign tracking and Email templates. 57,50
Service user plan Includes Standard CRM feature set plus Tickets, Prioritizing, Escalation, Social integration and Knowledge base. 57,50
Complete user plan Includes Standard CRM feature set plus Sales, Marketing and Service feature sets. 67,80


Additonal products

Product name
Description Price user/month
Synchronizer for SuperOffice Synchronization of SuperOffice CRM contacts, calendars, tasks to Office 365, Exchange and Google – and the other way around. This cloud services is delivered by InfoBridge Software – billed by SuperOffice. The numbers of users must correspond with the number of total users of SuperOffice CRM. 4,20
Product name Description Price pr month/Total users 1-50 Price pr month/Total users 51-150 Price pr month/Total users 151-250 Price pr month/Total users 251-500 Price pr month/Total users 501 +

An application to design and publish web forms. *

Data captured via forms is automatically stored in the CRM database.  
205,25 410,00 730,00 1196,25 1644,00

A application that can be added to any website as a chat widget. The number of chat channels is unlimited. Chat agents may be from the Sales, Marketing, Service or Complete user plan*.

Data captured via chat is automatically stored in the CRM database.
154,00 308,00 548,00 896,25 1230,00
Customer Engagement Platform

The platform includes a customer center and customer portal framework with external user identity management, a multi-language system and the ability for ticket registration, FAQ, status and communication.*


Customer Engagement Platform also includes the apps for Forms and Chat* at no extra cost.
513,00 1026,00 1824,00 2992,50 4104,00

* Additional pay-per-use (metered) services apply according to consumption of these. Additional customer facing apps may be added using Expander Services tools, which would require an active subscription to Expander Services.

SuperOffice Online services


Product name Description Price user/month
Expander Services SuperOffice Web Services APIs, CRMScripting, customizing tools for Service and Developer Community access. Subscription per company. 67,80
Online Services Online Services is a set of additional cloud based services developed by SuperOffice for integration with e.g. Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Mailings Service, etc.). The no. of available services will expand over time. Included
Mailing Service A cloud based service that lets you send, receive and track emails in a simple, effortless and secure way. Volume included
(see pay per use below)
Data Mirroring Services A service that will mirror the content (make a read only copy) of your SuperOffice CRM Database to a third-party location/server. Mainly used for analytics purposes. Subscription per company. 67,80


Pay-per-use services – Storage, mass emails and customer center logins

  Explanation Included
1-50 users
Included 51-100 users Included
100+ users
Extra package size/month Extra package price/month
Storage Data and document storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 50 GB 32,40
Mailings No. of campaign email volume per month 15.000 30.000 60.000 50.000 32,40
Customer Centre logins No. of customer logins to the Customer Center per month 1.000 2.000 4.000 1.000 32,40
Chat sessions No. of chat sessions. Total number per month 1.500 2.000 2.500 1.000 32,40
Form submissions No. of form submissions, volume per month 1.000 2.000 3.000 1.000 32,40


Additional information

Online subscription agreement

All SuperOffice products, except databases, are delivered under the SuperOffice Online Subscription agreement that includes software service releases, new version releases and access to web-based support FAQs. All prices in this price list are based on annual payment. For more frequent payments, please contact us. See the Online Subscription Agreement for details.

The Synchronizer for SuperOffice is delivered under the InfoBridge Synchronizer Terms of Service and Privacy policy.


Support is included. Support requests are submitted via the support registration form available in the Help menu inside the application, or to our Support center in the SuperOffice Community. The Customer is granted free access to the community including our resource center, Learn-the-Essentials user guides, help files and “How-to-videos”. See the SuperOffice Online Subscription Agreement for further details.

Payment periods

The prices in this price list are based on annual payment, meaning 1 payment per year (12-month period). We also offer bi-annual (every 6 months), quarterly and monthly payment, at an additional fee.

VAT and price changes

All prices are excluding VAT. Prices and content are subject to change. Information on changes in prices is made according to the SuperOffice Online Subscription Agreement.