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Find out how the famous sports strategy of marginal gains can help you achieve profitable growth, and why taking small steps can lead to giant leaps in revenue.


15 juni







About the event

The “marginal gains” strategy is based on the assumption that small, yet consistent improvements can lead to monumental results.  

Widely used by professional sport teams, the strategy is credited to the British cycling coach Sir Dave Brailsford, who managed to significantly improve the performance of the British Olympic cycling team in the span of just 10 years. Sir Brailsford believed that only 1% improvement can create impact across the board – worth much greater value.

The same can be applied in business! By taking small steps companies can achieve “big wins”. Just 1% of incremental improvement in any business process or area can have significant effects on the company’s overall performance.  

Why you should attend

Join our special 2-hour webinar where we will discuss the effect of the marginal gains strategy on marketing, sales and customer service areas of business.  

A host of guest speakers together with prominent SuperOfficers will demonstrate how consistent every day efforts can help companies achieve profitable growth and hit revenue targets.  

You’ll learn how to think big while taking small steps


Meet the speakers

  • Image of Oivind Sorvald

    Oivind Sorvald | Keynote speaker

    Technical coach of the Norwegian tennis star Casper Ruud - a holder of 4th ATP ranking. Oivind will explain the “marginal gains” strategy and how it helped in his sports career as Casper Ruud’s technical coach, as well as how it can be applied in corporate management to achieve business growth.

    Oivind Sorvald | Casper Ruud

  • Picture of Gisle Jentoft

    Gisle Jentoft

    Gisle is host of this digital Marginal Gains event and will guide you through the agenda and sessions. As Group CEO of SuperOffice and his 30+ years of experience, Gisle knows about the ups and downs of growing companies and how the marginal gains theory can help companies to improve - day by day, step by step.

    Gisle Jentoft, group CEO, SuperOffice

  • Picture of speakers, Frida og Fredrik

    Marginal gains in MARKETING

    How to accelerate your pipeline

    Frida and Fredrik will dive into the topic of deal acceleration: how marketing can help sales close deals faster, and share a couple of hands-on tips that you can implement today to close your next quarter in style.
    Frida Ahrenby CMO, GetAccept
    Fredrik Selander CMO, SuperOffice 

  • Picture of the speakers, Camilla and Kevin

    Marginal gains in SALES

    How to close more deals

    Kevin and Camilla will overview the key trends in sales, such as prospecting, ICP-based sales tactics, the importance of having a structured sales guide, and how to use data to improve win-rates and shorten the sales cycle.

    Kevin McIntyre, CRO, Dealfront
    Camilla Heidenreich Bommen, Managing Director SuperOffice Norway

  • Picture of the speakers, Flemming and Hans

    Marginal gains in CUSTOMER SERVICE

    How to turn your existing customers into raving fans

    Flemming and Hans will examine how marginal gains tactics can be applied in building strong customer service teams, as well as ponder on the importance of analyzing customer feedback and discuss how self-service can help service teams do more.
    Flemming Rand, CEO,
    Hans Chr. Grønsleth, Director Digital Customer Experience, SuperOffice


  • 09:00

    Welcome words and agenda.

  • Keynote speaker Oivind Sorvald
  • Marginal gains in MARKETING
  • Marginal gains in SALES
  • Marginal gains in CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Summary
  • 11:00

Discover how marginal gains strategy can turn small steps into giant leaps in profitable growth  

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